Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Jim Kirn

October 27, 2023

The Morning Dynamo

At the crack of dawn, while the world is still wrapped in slumber, Jim Kirn is already lacing up his sneakers and heading to the shelter. It’s 7 a.m., and he’s there to kickstart his day with a burst of energy and enthusiasm that’s infectious. Jim’s morning routine is nothing short of legendary – he doesn’t just walk dogs, he runs with them! And not just any dogs, mind you, but our high-energy furballs, the ones who can’t wait to jump, fetch, and play.

With a grin as wide as a frisbee and a heart as big as the sky, Jim takes on the challenge of keeping our energetic dogs entertained. He engages them in games of fetch and frisbee, ensuring that every ounce of their high-octane energy is expended. It’s like a morning carnival for the dogs, with wagging tails and barks of delight. Before the shelter staff even clock in for their shifts, Jim makes sure the dogs are ready to start their day with a clean slate.

Superman Before Breakfast

What’s even more astonishing about Jim Kirn is his remarkable morning routine before he even sets foot in the shelter. Jim rises at 4 a.m., dons his swimsuit, and takes a plunge into a nearby pool. Most of us are still sleeping at that hour, but Jim has already accomplished more than many people do in an entire day!

His early morning swim prepares him to tackle the day with boundless energy, and when he arrives at the shelter, it’s as though he’s harnessed the power of the sun. Whether it’s winter or summer, rain or shine, Jim is there, ready to sprinkle love into the lives of our beloved animals.

The Sunday Stroll

Jim’s devotion doesn’t end with weekday mornings. On Sunday afternoons, when most are winding down and prepping for the workweek ahead, Jim returns to the shelter. It’s a time when he takes our “Red Star” dogs – those who may need a little extra care and attention – out for a leisurely stroll. This additional commitment showcases Jim’s genuine love for all our furry friends.

A Quiet Force of Nature

Jim may be a quiet, unassuming presence at the shelter, but his actions scream volumes. He’s not one for speeches or self-congratulatory gestures. Instead, he lets his dedication do the talking. His actions embody the essence of volunteerism, showing us that sometimes, the most profound impact is made through small, consistent acts of kindness.

Jim’s contributions aren’t limited to dog-walking alone. He’s always ready to lend a hand in any way possible, ensuring our Macklind shelter runs like a well-oiled machine. His commitment is a lesson in humility, reminding us that it’s not about recognition or applause; it’s about the genuine love and care we offer to those who need it most.

Jim is, without a doubt, an extraordinary human being. His 19 years of selfless service to our shelter are a gift that keeps on giving. With every toss of a frisbee and every energetic run with our dogs, he reminds us that kindness can be a powerful force, and love transcends words.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jim Kirn for being the unsung hero of our animal shelter. The countless tails wagging and bright eyes sparkling in joy are a testament to his enduring commitment. Thank you, Jim, for reminding us that heroes come in all forms, and sometimes, they come with a leash in hand and a heart full of love.

If you’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of animals, the Humane Society of Missouri offers a robust volunteer program. Whether you’re interested in becoming a dog walker, a feline enrichment volunteer, a foster family, or helping in other capacities such as with our gift shop or education program, we welcome your support. Join us in our mission to give animals the love and care they deserve. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities at hsmo.org/in-shelter.

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