Second Chances Transport

Second Chances Transport program at the Humane Society of Missouri

Extending Helping Hands

Low-cost spay/neuter programs pioneered two decades ago by HSMO, and replicated by other organizations have resulted in significant decreases in shelter intakes in our region. During that same time, there has been an increase in animal adoptions, particularly in large urban and suburban areas.
Unfortunately, shelters in other parts of Missouri and nationwide have limited space and resources, and spay/neuter programs are not prevalent. To alleviate this imbalance, HSMO began the Second Chances Shelter Pet Transport Program in 2011. This program brings adoptable animals to the metropolitan St. Louis area that would have otherwise languished in overcrowded conditions, and possibly been euthanized due to overcrowding or behavioral issues developed during an extended shelter stay. As many as 1,500 adoptable animals a year come to HSMO to find their forever homes through the Second Chances Shelter Pet Transport Program.

To learn more about Second Chances Transport, call 314.951.1542.