Wish List for In-Kind Donations

Please Note: In-person donations are welcome and can be dropped off at designated locations outside our shelters. Thank you!

Donate an item on our wish list and help support the animals in our care.

How & Where to Drop Off Items

Purina generously provides all food and treats for our shelter pets!

Amazon Wish List

  • Conveniently select items from the below Amazon wish lists and they will be shipped directly to the Humane Society of Missouri!
  • Newspapers (please remove all ads before dropping off)
  • Long-cut shredded office paper (not confetti or cross cut)
  • Fabric softener dryer sheets Buy on Amazon
  • Paper towels Buy on Amazon
  • Large portable Vari-Kennels (for Animal Cruelty Taskforce)
  • Ruff Wear cinch leads (for Animal Cruelty Taskforce) Buy on Amazon

Help in a Hurry

I’ve just made a mess and we’re almost out of paper towels. Click the link below to help us restock our closet.

Supply & Maintenance Items

Medical & Food Items

  • Gift certificate to equine or large animal veterinarians
  • Cowboy Magic (horse detangler) Buy on Amazon
  • Pyranha Wipe n Spray (fly repellant for horses) Buy on Amazon
  • Himalayan salt lick on a rope Buy on Amazon
  • Miniature horse fly masks Buy on Amazon
  • Kentucky Performance Products Elevate Maintenance Powder Vitamin E Horse Supplement Buy on Amazon
  • Triple antibiotic ointment Buy on Amazon
  • 50lb pasture salt blocks
  • Grass hay (please contact us for specs)
  • Alfalfa hay (please contact us for specs)

Tack Items

  • Cotton lead ropes Buy on Amazon
  • Break away halters Buy on Amazon
  • Gift certificates to feed and tack shops
  • Enrichment toys for pigs, goats, chickens and horses

We’re running low on horse fly masks!

Click the link below to help us restock.

WISH LIST for Humane Education Programs

Please call 314.951.1542 with questions about any items not listed.