In-Shelter Volunteering

Help Us at the Shelter

Due to the busy holiday season, it may take us longer than usual to respond to your volunteer application. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of our life-saving mission, and we will be in touch soon!

Dog Walking

Our dog walking team is made up of dedicated and hard-working volunteers who ensure all of our dogs receive at least two walks a day. These walks are not only important opportunities for our dogs to relieve themselves and stretch their legs, they are crucial for providing them with some socialization and reassurance. Our walkers attend the volunteer orientation and then go through a minimum of two hands-on training sessions, so they can safely work with our shy dogs, our boisterous dogs, and everyone in between. Dog walkers commit to walking for 1-3 hours every week for at least 6 months.


Education Volunteers

Our Humane Education team is all about teaching children to care for the animals that share our world – both in our homes and in our communities. It is about fostering attitudes of respect, responsibility and kindness, for animals and people alike! Our humane educators lead shelter tours and classes and train for our Shelter Buddies Reading Program. If you have been a teacher, camp counselor, or troop leader and loved it, this is a great chance to help kids and animals at the same time.

Shelter Support

Our shelter support volunteers know that the most important jobs are not always the most glamorous! This crew is dedicated to coming in at least two to three times a month to help with the tasks that need tending to every single day to keep the shelter running smoothly. This includes a lot of laundry, assembling litter boxes and cage linings, sorting donations, sanitizing toys, and helping with other tasks around the shelter. It can be messy work but it helps ensure that all animals in our care have everything they need to stay happy and healthy.


Administrative Volunteering/Other

Looking to support our cause while avoiding some of the more physically demanding or messier aspects of direct animal care? Help out in our offices or at our events! We have numerous projects throughout the year that require the support of administrative volunteers, from stuffing envelopes to basic data entry. We also have fantastic events that couldn’t be as successful without the support of our volunteer teams!

Greeter/Gift Shop

Our greeter and gift shop volunteers are a welcoming face for clients as they enter the shelter. They help direct potential adopters to the animals they are looking for and can even answer basic questions about the adoption process. Gift shop volunteers also provide support for those looking for the supplies they need for their new pets and help ring customers up. These volunteers love seeing happy families go home with their newest member and commit to coming in two to three times a month.



Our enrichment teams help socialize our shelter dogs and cats! Our Kennel Enrichment team provides puzzle toys and kongs for our dogs and even does some basic training. Our Feline Enrichment program focuses on playing with and socializing our shelter cats, giving them some fun and affection while they wait for their forever family. Both programs take place exclusively at midday and volunteers interested in becoming part of either team must attend the orientation and three hands-on mentoring sessions.