Disaster Team Responds to Tornado-Affected Areas

May 24, 2019

HSMO's Disaster Response Team Assisting Pet Owners Affected by Recent Tornadoes

May 30, 2019

Disaster Response Team member Mike Little spent the day providing Purina dog food, cat food, and kitty litter to pet parents affected by the tornadoes.

Big, sloppy wet kisses to our friends at Purina for donating much need pet food and supplies – we were able to provide 48 bags of Purina One dog food, 23 bags of Purina One cat food, and 19 bags of Tidy Cats litter to Jefferson City residents! We hope that these supplies will ease the minds of pet owners so they can focus on rebuilding.

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May 26, 2019

A Jefferson City resident displaced from her home after the tornado caused significant damage has been staying at the Red Cross shelter where our Disaster Response Team is stationed. She expressed concern to our team members that her cat had been left behind, and she needed help to catch the kitty.

Disaster Response Team member Chad Gard visited the destroyed home with the resident. After extensive searching, they were able to locate the cat in the basement of the home, wedged between the wall and the furnace. Smokey is now safely residing in HSMO’s climate controlled trailer. We’re so happy we’re able to assist the residents of Jefferson City by providing animal rescue and sheltering in the wake of recent storms.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our disaster response efforts!

May 24, 2019

HSMO’s Disaster Response Team today received a request from the Red Cross in Jefferson City to set up a co-location shelter for the pets of people displaced by Wednesday’s tornado. Pet owners who are currently residing at the Red Cross shelter will be able to board their animals in HSMO’s climate-controlled animal rescue trailer, which will be at the same location as the Red Cross shelter. Our team will also be on hand to respond to requests for animal rescue if needed.

A second wave of support is headed to Golden City, Missouri, in the form of a trailer of Purina pet food and kitty litter. The supplies will be available for pet owners affected by the recent tornado. Many thanks to our friends at Purina for donating much-needed supplies for pets in need.

We’re extremely proud to be the lead agency for Missouri’s pets affected by disasters, to ensure there’s No Pet Left Behind.

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HSMO’s Disaster Response Team loads Purina food and kitty litter onto their trailer for pets affected by recent tornadoes in Golden City, MO

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