Stone County Emergency Rescue Update

February 1, 2024

On Jan. 19, our Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACT) conducted an emergency rescue in Stone County, Mo.  Reports of starving, unsheltered dogs and other deceased animals prompted swift action by our team. With temperatures in the single digits, there was little time to rescue these precious animals.


The puppies and dogs were so emaciated that investigators struggled to identify the sick, skeletal animals among those who had already starved. A litter of eight puppies, merely weeks old, was found hidden on the property. It is clear their owner had every intention of continuing the cycle of abuse and exploitation.

The deceased animals were severely underweight. This is consistent with the condition of the survivors, who surely would have suffered the same fate had the Stone County Sheriff’s Department not called on us to intervene.

The surviving dogs are extremely emaciated, and some required fluids to stabilize their conditions. Nearly all of them are following a structured refeeding schedule to slowly gain weight and begin to heal.

Many are infested with internal parasites and have issues with their eyes, ears and skin. Some have health problems affecting their eyes. The majority bear scabs, scars or wounds. Their treatment and recovery will be prolonged due to the severity of their conditions. Even routine care like spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and behavioral evaluations will take longer than is standard.

Our ACT is the only animal rescue team serving every county in Missouri, including places where little or no animal control exists. We remain dedicated to ending the cycle of abuse through investigation, rescue and transport services, but we cannot do it without you.

The cost of this rescue is estimated to exceed $65,000, and many of these puppies and dogs still have a long way to go. We remain committed to sheltering and caring for every single one of them, no matter how long it takes. Can they count on you to help them get a second chance?


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