NEW THREAT: Dogs in Puppy Mills in Jeopardy

July 21, 2017

A Special Message from Humane Society of Missouri President Kathy Warnick

Animal Welfare Regulations at Risk
in Governor-ordered Review

NEW THREAT: Puppy Millers urging agriculture department to eliminate unannounced inspections of dog breeding facilities

Comment Period Extended! – Submit Your Comment Now!

Regulations that protect dogs in large-scale breeding facilities are at high risk. And now, a new threat to Missouri’s animals has emerged.

Governor Greitens has ordered an immediate review of Missouri Department of Agriculture regulations as part of his plan to review all regulations in the state with a goal of eliminating those that negatively affect business. We know the dog breeding industry is committed to repeal of regulatory protections.

The MDA has extended its deadline for comments on this governor-ordered review, and dog breeders are exploiting the extended time to request “adding 24 hour inspection notice to the current rules.”

Even if you have previously submitted comments to the Missouri Department of Agriculture on its review of animal welfare regulations, it’s critical that you submit comments requesting UNANNOUNCED inspections.

Missouri should not go back to the days
when dogs were forced to live like this:

24/7 in small cages with no outdoor access

Suffering from untreated infections and disease from little or no veterinary care or grooming

With urine and feces piled under wire-bottom cages that caused painful leg and paw injuries.


YOU can help!

  • Go to this Comment link. Select “Chapter 9 – Animal Care Facilities.” Tell officials to leave current regulations in place, and to continue conducting UNANNOUNCED inspections of dog breeders.
  • Contact Gov. Greitens TODAY. Let him know:
    • Eliminating these regulations and adding a 24-hour inspection notice will be bad for business, bad for Missouri and horrible for companion animals in breeding facilities.
    • Unannounced inspections are the only effective way of monitoring the welfare of dogs in Missouri.
    • 24-hour notice will provide breeders plenty of time to clean up unsanitary conditions and remove sick and injured animals from the premises.
    • U. S. Department of Agriculture and all other state agencies conduct UNANNOUNCED inspections and recognize the deterrent effect of unannounced inspections.
    • Our current regulations combined with unannounced inspections have helped to rid the state of numerous cruel and inhumane breeders; Missouri should not be going backwards in addressing cruelty and neglect.

Then, please tell your family and friends to take action as well. The more people who contact Gov. Greitens and comment on eliminating these safeguards, the better our chances are of keeping these life-saving regulations in place.

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