Keep Your Pets Safe During July 4!

July 2, 2018

Life, Liberty and the Pawsuit of Pet Safety!

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to enjoy sunshine, outdoor activities and fireworks with loved ones. However, for pets, the hot weather and holiday hubbub can be dangerous!

Let freedom (from hot cars) ring!

Keep the Humane Society of Missouri’s lifesaving motto in mind: “70 Degrees & Over, Don’t Take Rover!” When the temperature outside is 70 degrees or higher, the temperature inside the car can reach more than 100 degrees in minutes, regardless of whether a window is cracked or the car is in the shade.

Act immediately if you see a distressed animal by calling the local police and the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Hotline at 314.647.4400.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of pet-friendly parties!

Make it a priority to keep pets safe during the hustle and bustle of barbecues and picnics.

  • Keep pets way from human treats and leftovers as well as summer staples like sunscreen, insect repellent and fireworks that can damage their stomachs.

  • Close all gates and doors, and be sure your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag and has an up-to-date microchip to help ensure a safe return if lost. Should they go missing, visit and check area shelters.

Celebrate the home of the brave, and keep not-so-brave pets at home!

The bright lights and big booms of fireworks can cause stress for pets.

  • If possible, pets should be kept at home in a quiet, cool place where they can relax. Close the windows and turn on a radio or television to mask the sounds, and if your pet is extremely anxious with loud noises, visit your veterinarian to discuss anti-anxiety options.

Declare good care for pets everywhere!

Keep pets’ health in check by protecting their paws from the hot ground outside, never shaving their coat (it’s designed to regulate temperatures and prevent sunburns), and sticking to a parasite prevention plan.

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