HSMO Celebrates “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month” with Adoption Promotion

June 15, 2021

As summer settles upon St. Louis, “kitten season” is not far behind. Plenty of cute and cuddly cats are waiting in shelters for a forever home, and this month is dedicated to them!

To celebrate our cuddly feline friends, HSMO is having an adoption promotion. Now through the end of June, adoption fees are waived for adult cats (9 months and older) and reduced to $75 for kittens (8 months and younger).

If you’re looking to add a feline to your family, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month is the perfect time to meet your match.

For those considering adoption, the Humane Society of Missouri offers these fun facts about cat ownership:

  • Easily entertained: Whether perched on a windowsill watching the outside world or finding a new box to fit into, cats are always entertaining themselves. Not only are these playful pets fun to play with, they’re also fun to watch.
  • Snuggle bugs: Similar to dogs, many cats enjoy human contact. Besides purring, cats communicate with scent glands located all over their body. Rubbing their head on their person’s cheek is one-way cats leave their mark – a sign of affection!
  • Forget feline faux-pas: Cats can be trained to use litter boxes easily, but pet parents should make sure to keep them tidy. Regular litter box maintenance and cleaning will leave the home fresher and your cat healthier.
  • Purr-fect paws: Vets often recommend leaving cats claws alone. Declawing can lead to physical problems, and cats become less likely to use the litter box. Cats scratch to remove dead husks from their claws, mark their territory and stretch their muscles.
  • Clever kitties: Cats are quick learners, and they like to climb, sneak and pounce. It’s no wonder YouTube is full of hilarious cat videos! Their personalities are unique, and their behavior can both surprise and delight.

To view HSMO’s current adoptable cats and kittens, visit hsmo.org/adopt

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