Hurricane Harvey and Gulf Coast Disaster Response

August 31, 2017

UPDATE – September 9, 2017

Over the last several days, our team has been working in several different capacities. Animals have been moved out of the temporary shelter at Beaumont, and into local shelters where they can best be reunited with their families.

On September 7, HSMO’s Disaster Response Team joined forces with spcaLA and Michigan Humane Society to assist the Houston SPCA with the rescue of 67 dogs and cats. The dogs and cats were relinquished by their owner who, because of flooding from the storm, could no longer care for them. Twenty four of these rescued dogs returned to St. Louis with members of the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response Team on Saturday, Sept. 9.

A total of 130 dogs and cats have been received by HSMO as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Many are now available for adoption, and some have already found wonderful forever homes.

Thank you for your continued support of our Disaster Response Team’s efforts.

UPDATE – September 4, 2017

Hundreds of animals receiving care in the temporary emergency shelter located in Beaumont, Texas for nearly a week. It’s a wonderful collaboration of emergency response teams from around the nation, all working to save pets affected by the storm.

Today’s goal at the emergency shelter is to move all of the dogs to the comfort of the Houston SPCA. Each of the animals is clearly identified and the location where they were found is documented, in hopes to more easily reunite these beloved pets with their people. Animal shelters across the nation have accepted adoptable animals from Houston SPCA, in order to make room for the stray pets that have been found, and the owned pets whose families are unable to take their pets home at this time. That way, these displaced pets can stay close to where they were found, and the pets already available for adoption or surrendered by their owners can find wonderful forever homes in a different city, or even a different state!

Our emergency shelter team is also working with the more than 90 equine displaced by the storms, also housed at the temporary shelter in Beaumont.

Our rescue team is also on standby for land and water rescue. Stay tuned on this page, and on our Facebook page, where we will also post updates and photos.

UPDATE – September 3, 2017

Our Disaster Response Team continues work at the emergency shelter in Beaumont, Texas where 300+ animals are receiving care.
This morning, we have several projects:
– We’re transporting nearly 30 cats to the safety of Houston SPCA.
– Our rescue team is on standby to respond to any animal rescue situations.
– Our emergency shelter team members are helping to feed, water and walk dogs, and organizing animal information so pets can be reunited with their people.

September 3, 2017 - HSMO's Disaster Response Team working in the emergency shelter in Beaumont, Texas

UPDATE – September 2, 2017

Today, 51 adoptable cats and kittens arrived at HSMO’s Macklind Ave. Headquarters. These cats and kittens were previously surrendered by their owners or available for adoption at the Houston SPCA. By transporting adoptable animals to shelters outside the storm area to find forever homes, additional space at Houston SPCA is open for the large amount of animals still in need of emergency shelter and care.

Two members of our team will take both of our climate-controlled animal rescue trailers back to Texas to meet the rest of the Disaster Response Team.

The entire team today is headed to Beaumont, Texas to help at a temporary shelter with 120 dogs and 90  horses. Our team is available for water rescue and emergency shelter, and our climate-controlled trailers can house more than 100 animals and transport animal victims of the storm to safety.

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HSMO's Disaster Response Team loads adoptable cats and kittens onto our transport trailer

UPDATE – September 1, 2017

HSMO’s Disaster Response Team has been working at the Houston SPCA for the last two days. 90 animals were transported to Houston from the Galveston area, and our sheltering team assisted Houston SPCA staff with exams and health certificates so they can be transported out of state. This will allow for more room in the shelters in the affected areas to receive more animals.

Early this morning, our team loaded adoptable 51 cats and kittens onto our climate controlled rescue trailer. These cats and kittens will be transported to our St. Louis area adoption centers to find their forever homes. This two-person transport team will then return to the Houston area, bringing along an additional rescue trailer to aid in future transports.

Stay informed of our Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts here, and on the HSMO Facebook page.

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On Tuesday August 29, eight highly-trained members of the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response Team departed for the Houston, Texas area to aid in the rescue and care of pets in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

HSMO’s expert water rescue team will rescue animals abandoned or trapped by flood waters. Our emergency shelter and transport team will provide comfort and care to animals displaced by the storm and flooding.

HSMO's Disaster Response Team reviews travel details in a pre-trip meeting.

As of Thursday, August 31, the team is staged at the Houston SPCA, equipped with a rescue boat, climate-controlled animal rescue trailer, two animal transport vehicles, a horse trailer filled with Purina pet food and additional supplies.

HSMO has also accepted more than 40 adoptable dogs and puppies from shelters affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Puppies arrive at HSMO from shelters affected by Hurricane Harvey
HSMO's Disaster Response Team reviews travel details in a pre-trip meeting.
Puppies arrive at HSMO from shelters affected by Hurricane Harvey

The Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force and Disaster Response Team is one of the largest animal rescue/disaster response teams in the United States.

Your support means the Disaster Response Team will be there when animals need to be rescued from the most dire situations – in Missouri and beyond – 24/7/365.

HSMO's Disaster Response Team on scene at Houston SPCA
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