Adoption Story: Cleo

September 29, 2023
In December 2022, HSMO received 29 dogs from a warrant case in Cass County. Many of the dogs were fearful, and nearly all of them tested positive for heartworms. After being treated and being made available for adoption, these pups went to their forever homes one by one.
A 4-year-old German Shepherd mix named Cleo had more issues than most of the other pups in her rescue group. While undergoing dental treatment, it was discovered that her jaw was fractured. HSMO’s team surgically placed a wire in her jaw to hold it stable as the bone healed. Shortly after her surgery in February, she started treatment for heartworms. This poor girl just couldn’t catch a break!
She went to a foster home while she recovered, and her foster mom fell in love with her. Her foster mom knew she wanted to make Cleo a permanent member of her family, but the jaw just wasn’t healing. The veterinary team at HSMO made the decision to place a dental screw to ensure the jaw’s stability. Cleo had surgery again in July, and the healing process began again.
Now, nearly a YEAR after her rescue, Cleo’s adoption has been finalized, and her forever can officially begin!
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