Volunteer Spotlight: Darcy Campbell

December 29, 2023

Meet Darcy Campbell, a dynamo in the world of experiential marketing, planning and executing grand events for spirit brands by day. Yet, when the sun sets on her professional endeavors, Darcy steps into a world where her heart takes the reins. As the President of the Humane Society of Missouri’s (HSMO) Young Friends group, she and her 10-person board spearhead a movement that seamlessly blends passion, purpose, and paws.

The canvas of Young Friends is broad and inviting, welcoming professionals aged 21 to 40 who share an unwavering love for animals. It is a haven where hands-on volunteering, fundraising feats, and networking opportunities converge into a tapestry of compassion. Darcy, with her infectious energy, ensures that every moment spent within Young Friends is not just meaningful but downright fun. Young friends stand as a beacon of hope for animals seeking a second chance.

You will find Young Friends helping at signature events like Bark in the Park, where they staff the beer tent with gusto. You will no doubt see them at Barktoberfest, a whimsical gathering where costumes abound, both human and furry. On Feb. 13, they’ll be the volunteering at Day of Giving and contribute their passion to the inaugural Party for Pups at the Pitch event at St. Louis CITY SC CITYPARK Stadium.

Darcy has been a member of Young Friends for three years but has been an animal lover her entire life. She shares her home with Remi, a big white Lab and three chickens. Darcy was intrigued by a social media post about a dog/yoga event. She attended and was hooked. Darcy knows that many young professions are looking for meaningful ways to give back. Young Friends draws together like-minded people who care about animal welfare.

Darcy and her 10-member board know that many young professions are constrained by the demands of careers and young families. In response, they are designing one-day volunteer opportunities where extra hands are needed at the shelters or Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. Their vision is to grow Young Friends. Darcy is confident that Young Friends efforts create ripples of change for the animals for the animals we love.

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